Our ambition

FALCO is aimed at the heart of the funding question. It focuses on bridging the gap between plan and reality by bringing about financial solutions that will fuel ambitious local climate action plans. We will build on the state of the art on financing solutions and will integrate this knowledge in an overall financing concept for local climate action plans, which has been developed for the Flemish cities of Antwerp and Ghent and tested at the theoretical-conceptual level but not yet implemented on the ground.

Identified financing solutions will be tested in real life throughout the FALCO project and beyond, by funding a project volume of at least 17 Million euros, split into three main categories: energy renovation of public buildings, energy renovation of private buildings and energy efficiency investments for SME’s.


FALCO's  main objective is to further develop and pilot financing solutions and accompanying (policy) measures in support of local climate action plans in Flanders. This unique combination of financing & accompanying measures will lift existing financial & non-financial barriers and will unlock a sustainable energy investments potential that has been left untapped until now.