Climate neutral before 2050? Approaches to the real estate portofolio in cities

Photocredit: Dirk Pohlers

There are "only" 30 years between now and 2050. Knowing that buildings have a shelf life of at least 15-20 years , we need to act soon. Public authorities are expected to fulfill an exemplary role towards society as a whole- therefore to make their building portfolio climate neutral a little faster (in 2045).

In translating this ambition into practice, we asked ourselves within the FALCO project: What is the better option from a cost-efficiency perspective? Renovating the existing building stock at a fast pace, so that the climate impact will also decrease quickly? This approach also makes it possible to take advantage of some financial payback effects at an early stage. Or, and that is the second option, do we spread the investments over 30 years, seeking an optimally phased approach?

In order to find out more, have a look at our newly uploaded article written by our project partner Factor 4 (here below).